“I like how the experience of being in water reminds us of our smallness, and I try to express this in my work by examining how the water distorts and shifts the body. I am fascinated by the challenge of capturing something constantly in motion and presenting it with the medium of paint. My pieces are also about time; as a reference, I paint from photographs with a short exposure, and the brief split second captured is then painstakingly transferred to canvas over many many hours.”



Awards and Exhibitions


Art Academy London Peer Prize Exhibition 2019

168th Annual Open at the RWA Royal West of England Academy of Art, Bristol, 2020

115th Annual exhibition, Bath Society of Artists, at the Victoria Gallery, Bath, 2020

ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, 2020

Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual exhibition, Mall Galleries, London, 2020

Royal Society of British Artists ‘Rising Stars’ exhibition 2021, Royal Over-Seas League, Mayfair, London, 2021

Royal Society of Marine Artists, Mall Galleries, London 2021

For the Ocean exhibition, Signet Gallery Chelsea, London, 2022

The Other Art Fair, St Pancras London, June 2022

Month long residency at Pouch Cove Org, Newfoundland Canada, August 2022

‘Woman’ exhibition, James Baird Gallery, Newfoundland, Canada, 2022

‘Moves Like Water’ exhibition, Curious Kudu gallery, Peckham, London


Joint winner of the Art Academy London Peer Prize 2019

Winner of the Young Artists Prize, Bath Society of Artists, 2020

Winner of the Grand Prize, Bath Society of Artists, 2020

Featured in Aesthetica ‘Future Now’ Anthology of 125 exciting contemporary artists of 2021

Top 18 shortlist for the Beyond Future Prize, Hong Kong, 2022 

Winner, Boynes Emerging Artist monthly artist award, April 2022



Bath Live Magazine, Review of the Bath Society of Artists Prize

Featured in Aesthetica Art Anthology: Future Now, a book that showcases the work of 125 of the most exciting artists from around the world and is a dynamic guide to international contemporary art.

Featured in Issue 2 of the Sepia Journal 

Artist Profile in Retro Kolkata Magazine

Artist interview Boynes Emerging Artist award