I am always thrilled when asked to undertake a commission; I believe that art is one of the most beautiful and poignant ways to capture a memory, time, or character, and I am always honoured when someone trusts me to do this. Please feel free to contact me via email, or to arrange a call to discuss a possible commission.

Your commission
Usually, clients send me (via email) a selection of photographs of their intended subject, we will then choose the image that will be used for the finished painting, as well as deciding your sizing requirements and finish date. When possible, please send me high resolution images, as these will allow me to properly capture details within the painting.

If you prefer, I am happy to travel to you, and take an image to use for the painting, using a professional SLR camera. The photographs are yours to keep after the painting is complete. I am also willing to arrange sittings from life. Both these services will incur additional charges that will be arranged on an individual basis.

I can create composite paintings by taking a range of images from different photographs and meshing them together into a finished painting. This service will require me to plan carefully and create a range of prepatory sketches, and therefore incurs an additional cost than from working from a single image. 

My prices begin at £90 per figure featured. Prices increase for larger sizes and for additional required details. As a guide, I have included all the prices works featured on this page below.

I strive to make excellent art available and accesible to all, so if pricing is a limiting factor for you please get in touch, it may be possible to arrange a simplified version at a budget that works for you, or to create a piece in a tonal medium.

Production and Delivery
All works are produced on high grade canvas unless otherwise requested. A minimum of 4 weeks is required to complete a painting. Please enquire as soon as possible, as I normally have multiple pre-booked commissions. If you require work to a faster deadline please contact me directly, as it may be possible to arrange this for a premium. I am happy to hand deliver the finished and packaged painting to addresses within London zones 1-3. Delivery outside of London will usually require additional postage costs.

Gift for parents commission (Hidden cigarettes)
Oil on Canvas

Lily and Oz
Oil on Canvas

Stanka and Jack
Oil in Canvas

Brother 1
Oil on card

Mr and Mrs Le
Oil on Canvas

Oil on card

Brother 2 
Oil on Canvas