Overall winner of the 115th BSA Annual Exhibition



Constance Regardsoe is an artist specialising in capturing water and figures in water in oil paint. The fleeting moments captured in each of her paintings juxtaposes with the time consuming painting process she employs, and the moment is painstakingly recreated over weeks, like an insect being preserved in amber. The use of a figure in her painting serves to remind the viewer of our collective smallness; in her more abstract pieces, the form of the figure is radically altered, a visual reminder of our own ephemerality and the inevitability of being changed by our surroundings.

Awards and Exhibitions

Exhibitor at the 168th RWA Open Exhibition
Exhibitor at the 115th BSA Annual Exhibition
Winner of the 115th BSA Annual ‘Young Artist’ Prize
Overall winner of the 115th BSA Annual Exhibition
Exhibitor at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition
Exhibitor at the Discerning Eye Annual Exhibition



Features in Aesthetica’s Anthology of 125 exciting contemporary artists

Shortlisted for the Royal Society of British Artists, Mall Galleries

Exhibitor at the Royal Society of Marine Artists, Mall Galleries

Shortlisted for the Bath Society of Artists

Guest judge at exhibitor, Liminal Ties exhibition, J/M Gallery, Portobello, London



Shortlisted artist for the Beyond Future Art Prize, Hong Kong

Longlisted for the Holly Bush Emerging woman artist Prize

Selected for the Parker Harris mentoring award

Selected for the Pouch Cove residency programme, Newfoundland, Canada



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